Updated: Jan 15, 2020

It's very simple, Dj's are always getting hustled for our Dj fee. Especially by the people we know, promoters, club owners etc. Why is that? Because we develop personal relationships with them. Because we have a brand in a market that is known, so they think they know us. Another factor, is the type of client. Everybody wants a deal, but sometimes we don't know, or are afraid to ask for more.

ADL Entertainment & Booking relieves you of all that stress. You give us the gig information, tell us what you want for the gig, and we go negotiate on your behalf. We make our money from whatever we negotiate above what you want to DJ. Example: You tell us you want $700, but we only get paid for what we can negotiate above $700. If we can't negotiate more, you still get the $700.

Some Dj's prefer to pay us by percentage. We take 10% of gross paid to the DJ. Example: You get paid $700, we would get $70 of the $700. Your final paid amount will be $630. We know circumstances vary, so all transactions can be modified and negotiated between ADL Ent. and the DJ'S we represent.

ADL understands that DJ's have a powerful platform. We will also go and seek out endorsements & sponsorships for you. This will all be negotiated with approval of the DJ's. We don't sign off on anything until its approved by you, the DJ.

IMPORTANT! You do not have to exclusively work with ADL Ent. We are here when you need us, or if we have a gig for you.

If you have a gig right now that you want to get paid what you feel your worth is, email Soull at adjslifestyle73@gmail.com or call 402.915.1018

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